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Urban Planner/城市规划师更新日期:2014-10-30法国恩蒂埃NDA建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司公司性质:外商独资公司规模:1 - 49人工作地点:上海-长宁区工作性质:全职学历要求:本科及以上工作经验:三年以上专业要求:城市规划外语要求:英语熟练工资待遇:面议职称要求:不限招聘人数:1人招聘日期:2014-10-14 ~ 2014-11-28Responsibilities:
Collects, compiles, and analyzes data andinformation on demographic, economic, regulation, social, cultural and physicalinformation relating to urban planning projects
Organizes and participates in meetings toexchange information on development proposals, policies under review, and otherplanning issues
Responds to requests for information fromdevelopers, consultants, staff from other agencies and governments. Arrangesfor production of reports. Maintains Divisional reports and records
Prepares maps, diagrams, charts, tables,and other presentation materials, manually or using computerprograms/applications
Prepares draft presentations, reports andmemos


University degree in Planning, or anapproved equivalent combination of education and 2 to 3 years workingexperience.
Familiarity with relevant design rules andregulation.
Demonstrated ability to read and interpretarchitectural plans
Ability to work independently under timeconstraints and to meet deadlines.
Good written and verbal communication (English or Chinese) and presentation skills, accompanied by effectiveinterpersonal skills, which include conflict resolution skills.
Experience using computer applications suchas AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Powerpoint, MS Office, etc.
应聘此职位 收藏联系方式网址:http://www.ndateam.com 最新的上海地区城市/市政规划类职位薪酬行情
法国恩蒂埃NDA建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司   NDA is an architectural design practice committed to providing innovative and sustainable design solutions for tackling urban challenges and creating new and better cities. NDA was first established in 1987 in France by Emmanuel Delarue, a cross-cultural ambassador for architecture who believed that the architect’s role was to combine best practice from international experience with local expertise. After exploring the European and US markets, Emmanuel decided to set up the company’s first Asian branch in China in 2001 as part of an effort to create a balanced fusion of Western and Asian influences. “I’ve never wanted to only import ‘foreign’ and I’ve always tried to develop new and specific architectural concepts that were in tune with the local culture and environment”, says Emmanuel Delarue, NDA’s CEO and chief designer. Since entering the Chinese market, NDA has successfully completed more than a hundred projects in about thirty different cities in Asia. With offices in China, France and the U.A.E, NDA has now grown into a well-respected company with extensive experience in architecture, design, marina development and beyond. “At NDA, we build our clients’ dreams by finding that one single sustainable and creative idea that captures the core essence of their project”, says Laura Qiu, NDA’s Vice - President.

  NDA致力于为城市创造更美好的空间而提供新颖、可持续的设计方案。1987年在法国创立NDA的Emmanuel Delarue先生是一位通晓建筑设计及多元文化的专家,他坚信只有将国际经验与本土特色相融合才能创造最好的方案。2001年,在遍历欧美市场后,Emmanuel先生决定在中国设立亚洲分部,以创造东西方风格的调和统一。作为NDA首席设计师兼总裁的Delarue先生曾这样说过,“我从未想要把所谓的外国元素简单的引入中国,而是一直努力将全新建筑概念与当地特色相结合”。进入中国市场后,NDA成功的在亚洲30多个城市完成了数百个项目。NDA的成功在于它遍布全球的可靠合作伙伴以及以人为本的信念。目前NDA已成长为一家享有盛誉的设计公司,团队遍布法国、中国、阿联酋,并在建筑、设计、水岸等领域拥有丰富经验。从建筑、设计、工程到市场营销,NDA建立了由世界顶尖专家组成的团队。“在NDA,我们为实现每一位客户梦想中的图景,把每个项目最核心的创意变成了可持续的设计理念。”NDA的副总裁,邱杨女士如是说道。
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